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Rockin SR Publishing currently offers with delight W.C. Jamison’s “Want to be a Successful Writer? Do This Stuff”, first of our copyrighted “Do This Stuff” series. W.C. is the author of more than seventy great books! If you write, or want to this book is for you. We are also proud to represent, as of July 15, 2010, Reid L. Rosenthal’s first novel of his six book “Threads West…An American Saga” series. Three historical western romance novels, three books set in the contemporary west, based in part upon a true tale. It is the gripping story of First of six, action packed, passion filled novels, the Threads West . . .A 6-book American Saga series ©2010. The initial three books of the series, beginning with its name sake here, are historical Western romance novels and the last three books of the series, based in part on a true tale, continue the story in the modern Contemporary West.. Reid has received many reader accolades since the Threads West release on July 3, 2010 and glowing endorsement from National/International bestselling authors (see Threads West Review Page). We eagerly anticipate Reid’s second novel of the series, “The Hard Way West” late this year.

Additional “Do This Stuff” series books, on blogging (“So You Want to Make Money Blogging”) by noted expert Deborah Kunzie, and on fly fishing (“So You Want to Catch Fish on Fly…Do This Stuff”) are in process for 2011 publication.

Our preference is manuscripts pertaining to the American West, environmental or land management, crime, romance and how-to. For submission information, visit ‘submissions’ on this site. We are currently accepting only very limited submissions due to our back load. Please go to our Submissions Page for current requirements. Submissions which do not conform exactly to our requirements will be rejected.

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